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Why do we pursue?

With series one of The Pursuit being aired this Sunday at 9am On Quest TV it has had my thinking why we even pursue our angling dreams in the first place.

The same as many others I started young and was instantly addicted to what lies beneath but until now I’ve never really given any thought as to why I go fishing.

The odd questions from non-anglers that we all get from time to time, ‘why do you go?’, ‘Do you keep what you catch?’ & ‘what?, you mean you just put them back?’ All have had me try to find an answer off the cuff but I rarely seem to have a good enough answer.

I am a great lover of the outdoors & enjoy nothing more than being sat by the side of a river with a rod in hand.

Catching or not it is just pleasant to be outside.

Winter being my favourite time of year makes me realise that it obviously it is more about the actual fishing than just being outside.

A fish in the net is always a welcome site regardless of size or species.

Some anglers pursue specimen Carp, others Specimen Pike. Generally though I believe many like myself, just like to see something roll over the net.

Most of my fishing is done with a friend as when the float or rod tip stays static, some friendly company on the bank never goes a miss.

So going back to my original point and question on why we take up the Pursuit in the first place, even with all of my reasons it is still a difficult question to answer.

I can only really ever think of one word when it comes to describing fishing. Freedom.

With how hectic life is for everyone now with work, families and everything else going on in our lives when I’m fishing I find freedom.

So for me I believe my Pursuit is not for the biggest fish, the perfect conditions or the day that the weather was at its best. I am pursuing my freedom.

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